Crimes of the Heart
LENORA (LENNY) MAGRATH: Lenny is in her late 20’s. She is the oldest Magrath sister. She is a thoughtful and responsible, yet frustrated and lonely lady. She takes care of her old, sick grandfather. She sleeps on a cot in a kitchen to be close to him. The relationship of Lenny is not stable with her sisters.

MARGARET (MEG) MAGRATH: Meg is the middle sister. She is in her mid-twenties. As a child, Meg has a traumatic experience. This experience changes Meg’s personality. She wanted to test her strength by looking for a singing career on the West Coast. Now she is back after that failure.

REBECCA (BABE) BOTRELLE: Babe is the youngest sister in her early 20’s. We quickly learn that innocent Babe has shot her husband in the stomach. She says because she doesn’t like him. Under stress, she considers suicide.

CHICK BOYLE: Chick is the Magrath sisters’ older cousin. She has yellow hair and shiny red lips. Chick is very concerned about her reputation in the community. When the news of Babe shooting her husband comes, she worries that how will she keep her head up in the community.

BARNETTE LLOYD: Barnette is a lawyer who Babe hires to fight her case. He is 25-30. He is a graduate of the Ole Miss Law school. He takes Babe’s case as a chance to take personal revenge on Babe’s husband for ruining his father. He is a clever man and possesses a strong attraction to Babe.

DOC PORTER: He is Meg’s old boyfriend. He is in his 30’s. He is still called “Doc” even when his medical career died after he was seriously injured in hurricane Camille. His love for Meg makes him stay when other people leave. For this reason, many people believe that Meg persuaded Doc to stay with her there.